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Aiken, SC: “The South’s Best”

Aiken, South Carolina was recently recognized by Southern Living Magazine as the “South’s Best Small Town” for 2018. Aiken also took home three other awards, including “South’s Friendliest Town,” second for “South’s Best Food Town,” and second for “South’s Best Hotel” awarded to The Willcox, a member of the Southern Living Hotel Collection.
The article in Southern Living Magazine attributed the awards to Aiken’s natural beauty, mild climate that attracts people from across the nation, strong connections to the outdoors through attractions like the 2,100 acre urban forest Hitchcock Woods, and the cultural hub of the city, downtown Aiken. While these attributes alone would make Aiken deserving of these awards, the Aiken area is also home to six major medical providers, a college town setting that earned it Ideal-Living Magazine’s “Best College Town” in 2017, and a surprisingly low cost of living!

About Woodside

Woodside is Aiken’s only master-planned community. As one of the country’s most celebrated lifestyle communities, Woodside offers a warm, welcoming atmosphere, where social events and club amenities are never in short supply – and new neighbors become old friends in a matter of minutes. visit our website here!

An Active Lifestyle

Woodside is home to more than 15 miles of hiking and nature trails, 3 onsite medical providers, 2 clubhouses, 4 golf courses, more than 60 member-led social groups and clubs, including a film club, where members can gather and discuss their favorite films and take a behind-the-scenes look at the industry, and a number of artistic clubs where people can come and discover and develop their talents. Woodside also boasts an abundance of landscaped parks, mirrored lakes, and green spaces that are perfect for an evening walk or a relaxing view.

Dedication to Conservation

Woodside sets itself apart from other master-planned communities in many ways, the most noticeable being the way that we the community embraces its naturally beautiful surroundings. Woodside is situated beside a stunning, protected 110-acre nature preserve dedicated and set aside by its developer, and the pristine meadows, lakes, and rolling woodlands make for one breathtaking setting for your home. Woodside demonstrates this ongoing commitment by incorporating the natural landscape into its community rather than replacing it.
From Woodside’s status as a certified Bluebird Sanctuary, to planned hikes by the Woodside Trail Group. This commitment to nature is adopted and embraced by not only the Woodside developer, but by its residents as well. Visit the Woodside website to watch from home to see just how they preserve their natural surroundings while establishing a new neighborhood, all while preserving what makes the community so spectacular.

Discover Woodside Today

Woodside’s dedicated team of professionals is on standby to answer your questions, or help you plan your Woodside Discovery Visit to experience Woodside and Aiken for yourself.
Meet your future neighbors, join a hike, walk Aiken’s incredible downtown, catch a play or try one of the delicious locally-owned eateries in town. Take full advantage of community amenities by playing a round of golf, getting a tennis or pickleball lesson, exploring miles of walking trails, or simply enjoying a cocktail by the pool in the resort-style cabana. Come and experience life as a local for your choice of either three or four days, and see for yourself why so many have chosen to call Woodside home.